CoxIter is released

As I said in the previous post (more than a year ago, I know…), CoxIter is a computer program designed to compute invariants of hyperbolic Coxeter groups (probably that if you don’t know what it is you don’t need the program but, as usual, Wikipedia can provide interesting information).

The input of the program is a description of the Coxeter diagram of the group.

The output is the following:

  • its Euler characteristic
  • the f-vector (number of vertices, 1-faces, 2-faces, …, n-faces) of the associated fundamental polyhedron
  • if the group is cocompact
  • if the group is of finite covolume
  • if the group is arithmetic (in some cases)

Soon (during spring probably), the growth series and the growth rate will also be displayed.

CoxIter is a C++ program which can be built on Linux, Windows and OSX (I still have to add information about compilation on OSX). Information can be found here:

An article describing the theory behind CoxIter was published in LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics in December 2015. You can find this article here:

More information and download:


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